cast and crew

Welcome our new tenants Cast and Crew.   The very creative, fun and adorable couple, Cody and Jennifer from Lubbock (and Kermit).  We're happy to have them in Marfa.  Huffington Post says they are top trendsetters as well as Marfa's Garza Furniture.

marfa in milano

congratulations to my friend Leslie Wilkes who's having a show this fall in Milano.  The work is beautiful Leslie!     




tx monthly photo shoot

We had a blast yesterday out on my land for the tx monthly photo shoot.  The summer storm was the perfect backdrop.   The shots are amazing.  Thank you jeff (wilson) and andrew.    


Corte del Norte has undergone a transformation in the last five years in loving (I adore you when you're not bugging the sh*t out of me) collaboration with Jamey Garza and  Constance Holt-Garza.   If only I had a nickel for every tequila we drank while musing over the property...I'd be a wealthy woman.   My hats off to Jamey and Constance for turning my wild ideas into a thing of beauty (the dining shed) or for just biting their tongues until I came to my senses on my really bad ideas...and for their strokes of genius in the screened in porch and the sectional sofa made out of twin beds.  If you don't know much about them, here's a little reading: